Wednesday, 24 July 2024

About Us

D aily Urdu Columns was live on May 26, 2013. It was very tough to decide whether it should be there in the pool of websites or not? As giants already existed over internet but they were lacking accssibility features. One could not search their required results the way it was required.

The philosophy behind our website was to provide a platform for those people who want to research on several topics, specially who appear in CSS exams. This platform is also intended for those students who have or want to have deep eye on current affairs of Pakistan as well as over the Globe.

We are growing day by day. At the moment when you read these words we have repository of over 85K+ columns. These 8+ years were not easy for us and were really hard to survive, but the struggle was there.

With the passage of time we decided that those energetic bloggers should also be a part of us, who want to express and impress the world by their words. For this we have introduced "Blogs" section.

We are improving day by day, space is still there to improve. We would love to here any suggestions from you!

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