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Pakistan Ka Siyasi Manzar Nama Aalami Tanazur Mein

پاکستان کا سیاسی منظرنامہ عالمی تناظر میں

About Nusrat Mirza

Nusrat Mirza, is a Pakistani political scientist, television personality, author, and geostrategic affairs writer. Authoring more than 13 books on geostrategic and defence affairs, he regularly write columns in Jang, and has appeared on various Pakistan's television news media channels for commenting on foreign policy issues of Pakistan.


In 1960, he attended the University of Karachi where he graduated with a LLB degree, followed by M.Sc. in political science from the same institution. In 1998-99, he served as a senior geostrategic affairs adviser to the Government of Pakistan. As of current, he has appeared on various news channels of India and Pakistan, as well as devoting to regularly writes English-language columns on defence and nuclear security issues at Monthly Interaction.

Source: wikipedia